Were YOU at The Immaculate Reception game?

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Oakland Raiders vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – December 23, 1972

One of the questions we frequently hear –aside from the old reliable “Can you get me tickets?”– is “What do you do during the off-season?”  We’re not sure why, but people assume we play frisbee in the parking lot.  Here at NFL Films, we don’t have an off-season.  We are in production year-round on new programming.  Most of our off-season is focused on making features that will air during the football season.

We don’t tend to release information about our shows at this stage in the production process.   But, this time, we’re going to make an exception.  And we need your help.

For the past nine months, our crew has been working on a documentary about the The Immaculate Reception for our “A Football Life” series.  You might have just had a few different reactions to that sentence:

1) You cheered.  …which means you’re a Steelers Fan, and/or an awesome person (Note: a combination of these two things will not exist on Oct 7, 2012).

2) You grumbled.  …the story has been told before, and you’re  probably a Raiders fan.  We know.  And that’s why we’re telling this story completely unlike you’ve ever heard it before. We’ve conducted an investigation of sorts, and we’re determined to uncover the truth of what happened in the most mysterious play in football history.  It’s also the 40th anniversary of the game this December.  We think that is a big deal.  You’d probably grumble even louder if we ignored it completely (“NFL Films didn’t even acknowledge the 40th anniversary of The Immaculate Reception!?”  We can hear it now.)

In order to tell this story in a new way, we need your help.

Did YOU attend the game? Do you know someone who was there?

We are looking for home movies, photographs, memorabilia, scrapbooks, and personal stories that can assist us in chronicling this historic event.

Too young to have been at the game?  We’re also looking for photos of YOU with the Franco Harris statue at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

If you think you have something to offer, please call The Immaculate Reception Hotline (yes, it is the best name ever for a hotline) at 877-260-0220, or email us at immaculatereception@nfl.com.

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