This Date in Football: Happy Birthday, Jack Kemp

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On July 13, 1935, future professional quarterback Jack Kemp was born.  Kemp may have the most distinguished post-football careers of any NFL player.  He spent three years in the Army after his rookie season with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1959.  Upon returning, Kemp found success in the American Football League.  He played 9 more seasons with the San Diego Chargers and Buffalo Bills of the AFL, and served as captain for both teams.  He also made 7 trips to the Pro Bowl.

Kemp went on to spend 22 years serving his country in politics.  He spent 18 years as a Congressmen from three different New York Districts.  Then in 1988, he made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican Presidential nomination, then served as the Director of Housing and Urban Development under President George H. Bush.

Kemp passed away in 2009, but his legacy lives on.  Here’s a retrospective of Kemp’s career:

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