This Date in Football: Happy Birthday, Roger Craig

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Born on this day in 1960, Roger Craig was the league’s first “1000-1000” back.  In 1985, Craig exceeded both 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving.  But what was perhaps most astonishing is that he was not the San Francisco 49ers’ offensive focal point, or even the “feature” back when achieved this feat.  In college at Nebraska he was a fullback, and was still listed as a Fullback in his 1000-1000 yards season.  Craig went on to play in 4 Pro Bowls during his career and set the standard for do-everything running backs like Marshall Faulk and Brian Westbrook.

To celebrate his birthday, here’s a look back at Craig’s “1000-1000” season as originally presented in 1985 on NFL Films Presents:

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