This Date in Football: Happy Birthday, Trent Green

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Born on this date in football, July 9, 1970, Trent Green is a shining example of how perseverance can pay off.  Big.  Green was an 8th round draft pick of San Diego in 1993.  He played for the CFL BC Lions in 1994, didn’t see an NFL field until 1997 – and then, for just a single pass attempt – before emerging from oblivion to supplant Gus Frerotte as the Redskins starter in 1998.  When his Washington quarterbacks coach Mike Martz was hired to be the Rams offensive coordinator the next season, Green went with him to St. Louis.  He was slated to be the starter, before sustaining the infamous season ending knee injury that derailed Green’s career while also launching Kurt Warner’s.  Two years later Green joined the Chiefs, where he enjoyed the most productive period of his career, and was named to 2 Pro Bowls.  Green’s final season in the NFL was 2008.  It marked the end of a decade which he had begun as a castoff, but which he concluded with more than 28,000 passing yards.

Today we send happy 42nd birthday wishes to Green, and take a look back at him as originally presented in the Chiefs 2002 highlight film Miracle Makers, Record Breakers:

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