A Visit from Big Ed

Behind the Scenes, Ramblings and Rants, TCIPF Staff

Our founder and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Sabol was in house Thursday to honor Films employees celebrating a significant anniversary: either their 10th, 25th, or 30th year with the company.  One among the honorees celebrated his 50th — yes, five-zero-thieth – year here at Films, none other than company president Steve Sabol.  “That’s a long time,” Ed kidded about his son’s five decade (and counting!) tenure, “I’m not even 50 years old!”

As usual Big Ed was full of humor, heartfelt greetings, and on this day, he was sporting his Hall of Fame blazer — which he told the assembled group that he wore, “. . .not to show off, but to bring it back where it belongs.”

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