Top 100 Sneak Peek: Charles Woodson, a Falling Star?

Green Bay Packers, Sneak Peek, TCIPF Staff, Top 100

A new episode of the Top 100 Players of 2012 airs tonight!  We’ll reveal numbers 40 to 31, including one of the most highly anticipated player reveals.

But before you start speculating who that player is, here’s a sneak peek of a player you will definitely see on tonight’s show: Charles Woodson.  Last year, Woodson ranked number 16 on our countdown, which means he has fallen anywhere between 15 and 24 spots.

Don’t forget to watch an all new Top 100 Players of 2012 TONIGHT at 8pm/ET only on NFL Network to find out both where the players ranked Woodson and who else they placed between 40 and 31.

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