TDIF: Happy Birthday Joe Namath!

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Happy 69th birthday to Joe Willie Namath, who Bear Bryant once called “the greatest athlete I ever coached”.  After choosing to sign with the AFL’s Jets over the NFL’s Cardinals in 1965, Namath helped propel the American Football League to legitimacy.  He was the first professional quarterback to top 4000 passing yards in a regular season – a record that stood until the schedule was expanded from 14 to 16 games.  On the field, his biggest claim to fame was leading the Jets to a Super Bowl III victory that Namath had guaranteed days before the game.  Nearly as memorable was Namath’s off-field style.  It certainly made an impression on New York’s own Spike Lee, who in 2010’s The Top 100 Greatest, reflected on Broadway Joe — #100 on that list of the NFL’s all-time greatest players.

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