Top 100 Sneak Peek: Darren McFadden is Running up the Countdown

Oakland Raiders, Sneak Peek, Tiffany Orbin, Top 100

Tonight we reveal numbers 60 through 51 on our countdown of the Top 100 Players of 2012 as well as a rising star on the list:  Darren McFadden.  Last year, the players ranked him 98th on our list.  But even after getting injured in Week 7 of the season, the players thought he deserved a higher rank.  McFadden could rise as much as 47 spots.

For a sneak peek at the McFadden segment from tonight’s episode 5 premiere, watch the video below.  And tune in TONIGHT at 8pm/ET only on NFL Network to find out both where the players ranked McFadden and who else they placed between 60 and 51 on The Top 100 of 2012.

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