Jets Plan to Use More “46” in 2012

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Since Rex Ryan became their head coach, the Jets have employed one of the more complex defenses in the NFL, a 3-4/4-3/“46” hybrid.  Ryan has successfully blended the three styles, including the rarely-seen “46” that his father  Buddy Ryan created.  In 2012, we may very well see the Jets use the “46” more often, according to the Jets new defensive line coach

The “46” essentially puts eight men in the box to overload the offensive line and create a free pass rusher.  Buddy Ryan created this scheme as defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears in the 1980’s, utilizing defensive greats like Mike Singletary, Wilber Marshall, Richard Dent and William “Refrigerator” Perry  to attack opposing quarterbacks.  The ’85 Bears Super Bowl win cemented their defense as one of the greatest of all-time.

Here’s a look back at the impact of Buddy Ryan’s 46 in ’85, as originally presented in “America’s Game: The 1985 Chicago Bears.”

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