One Man’s Defense of Our Top 10 Heisman List

Greg Smith, Top 10

This is just my opinion, but…

The Top 10 Heisman Winners in the NFL show we produced for NFL Network has received some negative feedback, specifically for having Tim Tebow ranked #7 – ahead of several Hall of Famers, including Earl Campbell and Marcus Allen.

But it’s a big misunderstanding.

We were NOT saying, “Tebow is a better football player than Allen”.  We are suggesting that Tebow has more star power.  He has more than lived up to the hype that was built around him in college.  His Heisman buzz has carried over into everything he has done in the NFL – the Senior Bowl, the Draft, the Denver Broncos, and now the New York Jets.  He is a phenomenon – and some might say, a phenomenal player.  Many NFL fans are thrilled with the Tebow product, and they want more of him.  Others… not so much.  He has even been called one of the most influential people in the world.  I’m pretty sure Allen and Campbell never held that title.

The beauty of our Top 10 shows is NOT that they are the final say on football but that they generate debate because of the many intelligent and interesting interviews they include.

It’s also my opinion that the shows often over-rank current players/teams/stories for the sake of being more topical and entertaining.  But I know there is always a lot of thought put into the compilation of the lists.

Are Tebow and Newton better Heisman winners than Tim Brown?  Not if you look at career numbers.  But if you consider those two guys have the potential to vault into legendary status in just a couple more years, maybe they deserve to be ranked as high as they are.

NFL Films hasn’t received this much negative publicity since we put the MAC on our List of Top Ten Football Factories.  LOL!  Let the haters hate.

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