2011: Year of the Rookie

Behind the Scenes, Shannon Furman, Sneak Peek

“2011:  Year Of The Rookie” is a one hour special highlighting what may be the most successful first year group of players in NFL history.  We aren’t talking about entire careers here, just one year.  When deciding on what some of the best stories from this year were we planned a trip to Texas.  My first stop was to the Houston Texans facility for an interview with TJ Yates.  After introducing ourselves to each other TJ broke the news to me that Tim Tebow was a Jet and Sean Payton was suspended for the year…our interview was off to a great start!

After the interview in Houston was over I made the 4 and a half hour drive to Dallas for an interview with Von Miller.  Talk about a great family.  They were very welcoming and accommodating to the crew so we could set up our interview space.  We included Von’s family in a short part of his feature where he watches some of his best highlights from the season.  We also had a crew in San Francisco that did a similar shoot with Aldon Smith of the 49ers.

You will see plenty of other rookies in this show like Cam Newton, Patrick Peterson, Andy Dalton, AJ Green, Julio Jones and many more.

You may have realized by now if you watched the links, but one of the best things about “2011:  Year Of The Rookie” is our superstar narrator Ludacris!  I’ve wanted him to narrate a show for several years now, so I was thrilled when he agreed to work on this project with us.  Hope you all enjoy watching this show as much as I did working on it!

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