Top 10: The Debate About the Golden Boy

Brian Rosenfeld, Sneak Peek, Top 10

Robert Griffin III is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, but will he succeed at the next level or will he be the latest Heisman Bust (see Torretta, Gino, Salaam, Rashaan or Spurrier, Steve)?

Of course when a Heisman winner makes it in the NFL he usually makes it big.  Take “The Golden Boy”, Paul Hornung, the NFL’s version of a Swiss Army knife.  He could run.  He could pass.  He could catch.  Heck, he could even kick.  In 1960 Hornung scored a then record 176 points in a 12 game season.  The record stood for almost 50 years until LaDainian Tomlinson broke it in 2006, and it took him 14 games to do it.

Despite all this, some people still don’t think Hornung deserves a spot on our list of Top 10 Heisman Trophy Winners in the NFL.

Hornung almost didn’t make our list because he almost didn’t win the Heisman.  Check out how close the voting was in 1956.

To find out where “The Golden Boy” ranks on our list, and see who made the cut and who got cut, tune in to Top 10 Heisman Winners in the NFL, tonight at 8pm eastern/5pm pacific on NFL Network.

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