Cosell Talks: The Other Quarterbacks of 2012 Part 2

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This is Part 2 of Greg Cosell’s 3-part analysis on other quarterbacks in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Click here to read Part 1.

Brock Osweiler: The 6-foot-7 Arizona State prospect is very intriguing. He has a naturally live arm with a lot of velocity on his throws. What jumped out right away, however, was his tendency to overstride when he delivered the ball, especially on intermediate throws. That lowered his arm angle significantly and at times forced him to push the ball, hindering both velocity and accuracy. Can that be fixed? Theoretically, any flaw that’s a function of technique can be corrected with proper coaching, but it must be addressed. You cannot be a quality NFL starter without consistent accuracy; it’s as simple as that.

Brock Osweiler (AP)

A couple of positives stood out the more I watched Osweiler. First, he was a confident passer, willing to pull the trigger on tight throws into small windows. There’s always a balance between sticking throws and forcing the ball, but the aggressive mentality to let it loose is a positive as he transitions to the NFL. Secondly, Osweiler showed the courage to look down the gun barrel and make difficult throws in the face of collapsing pressure. That’s a defining attribute of high-level NFL quarterback play.

The bowl loss to Boise State provided a microcosm of Osweiler’s concerns. His pocket command was erratic. At times he was patient and delivered strikes, but in other instances he perceived pressure that was not there and broke down unnecessarily. He locked onto his primary receiver. He was inaccurate on some routine throws.

The raw throwing ability is there, along with the other traits I mentioned. But Osweiler is far from a finished product.

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