Rex-Tebow Marriage is a Winner

Greg Smith, New York Jets, Ramblings and Rants

I can’t think of a team that is a better fit for Tim Tebow than the Jets, and getting him for as little as they did was a heist.

John Fox and Rex Ryan are two different kinds of communicators, but they are similar in terms of how they build a football team.  Running game.  Defense.  Fundamentals.

When Fox took the job in Denver, I said he and Tebow were the perfect marriage.  Fox’s team would play great defense, keep the games close, and allow Tebow to shine in the 4th Quarter.  That’s exactly what played out last season.

The Jets are the same kind of outfit.  After a season of too much passing, too many mistakes, and not enough butt-kicking, I guarantee Ryan wants to get back to basics in 2012.  He will focus on blocking, tackling, running the ball, and avoiding turnovers – basically all the things that epitomized Broncos football during the Tebow 2011 campaign.  Along with Tebow’s athleticism, Ryan must love the qualities of leadership, character, and work ethic that he provides.

As far as the media market in New York?  Tebow is a media DARLING.  He’s gifted in a lot of ways, but his ability to stand up in front of people and make them believe what he is saying, is probably his greatest gift.  The NY media will LOVE him.

As for Mark Sanchez, he has his feet to the fire now.  If he remains the Jets starter, how long of a leash will he have?  Will he even stay in New York?  Or will he be traded?

I believe the likelihood of Tebow starting for the Jets in 2012 is high, and if he wins the job, expect wins to follow.  With a rejuvenated Ryan defense and a commitment to the run, I don’t see why Tebow can’t perform the same magic in the Meadowlands that he did in Mile High.

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