Why Peyton Manning Will Sign with Houston

Greg Smith, Houston Texans, Ramblings and Rants

You had one of the best teams in the NFL in 2011, despite below average quarterback play.  Imagine.  PEYTON MANNING.  Your former biannual nightmare becomes your dream come true, daily.

Here are a few reasons why I think it will happen, in no particular order:

Personnel – Arian Foster.  Andre Johnson.  One of the league’s best offensive lines.  One of the league’s best defenses.  Reggie Wayne comes too, in a package deal, giving Manning the Hurricane combo of Johnson and Wayne.

Scheme – Kubiak’s stretch run game and play action pass game are perfectly suited to Manning’s strengths, and are similar to Manning’s best Colt offenses.

QB Situation – Schaub is the perfect backup QB for a team ready to make a Super Bowl run.  He’s a veteran.  He knows the system.  He can help Manning study tape.  Most important, the season is not lost if something happens to Manning.  Yates can watch and learn as third-stringer.

Annual Revenge Games – No one could have delivered a more eloquent departure speech than Manning.  But don’t be fooled, he would love nothing more than to kick the Colts butts twice a year for the next four years.  8 and 0 versus Indianapolis.  Whooping Andrew Luck eight times in a row.  Imagine it with me, Houston.

Manning is No Dummy – He won’t go to a town that already loves Tim Tebow.  He won’t go to a place with no elite receivers (49ers).  He won’t go to a place where he’ll be booed if they lose a game (Jets).  He won’t go to a place that plays outside in cold weather (Chiefs).  He wants to pick the best fit.  He’ll see it, just like we do.

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