This Day in Football: March 9

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On Tuesday, March 13th NFL free agency begins. Some teams will be looking to plug up holes in their roster while other teams will be targeting big-name players who can turn around a franchise.

In 2004, the Cleveland Browns believed they had found that player in 3-time Pro Bowler Jeff Garcia. The Browns signed Garcia to a 4-year, 25-million dollar deal to bring stability and veteran leadership to the quarterback position. Instead, Garcia brought disappointment and a 3-7 start to the season.  Cleveland released him after 10 games.

Garcia would go on to lead both the Eagles and Buccaneers to the playoffs in the twilight of his career. It just goes to show you that not every good player is a fit with every team.

See why Garcia didn’t pan out in Cleveland on the Top 10 Worst Free Agent Signings:

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