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Editor’s Note:  How many Madonna song titles could Heidi embed in this post?  Try to count them all, then find the answer in the link below.  Then go watch “Desperately Seeking Susan” on VHS.

Super Bowl Sunday is practically a national holiday when everybody tunes in, if not for the football then at least for the commercials and the halftime show.  This year, the material girl herself, Madonna, will be taking the field for the first time, like a virgin, to perform the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show, no doubt causing a commotion among both true blue and casual fans alike.  Though her set list isn’t a secret any more, including hits that span her career from Ray of Light to the new Gimme All Your Luvin’, some surprises still remain for gameday.  Unlike Prince’s performance at Super Bowl XLI, there’s no chance of rain since Lucas Oil Stadium is domed, but I’m sure plenty of people will thank their lucky star if Madonna can take a bow without a wardrobe malfunction.  I also can’t stop wondering if she’ll vogue or if she’ll Tebow.  Though Madonna has sometimes had a bad girl image in the past, her performance will surely be a celebration of football and music.

As for fans on the borderline, unsure of what to expect, I would ask, how can you not open your heart to Madonna, whose place as a world class entertainer was recently cemented when Guiness named her the Top-Selling Female Recording Artist of all time.  And to Madonna I’d say, for many of us children of the Eighties who were crazy for you as kids, enjoying your Super Bowl performance will be like a prayer that’s come true, a moment to cherish.  I can’t believe we’ll live to tell our kids the bedtime story about how we got to see you live in Indianapolis.  I just hope we’ll be able to keep it together on Super Bowl Sunday.  When they dress you up in your signature bustier and maybe some football pads and you take to the stage and express yourself, no one will wonder who’s that girl because it’ll obviously be the Queen of Pop, Madonna.

So, how many titles are in this post?

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