Cinemablographer: NFC Championship

Behind the Scenes, Brian Murray, Cinematography

Playoff games are truly interesting to me. Usually, I have to film almost everything that moves. This is because we have, at the most, five cinematographers filming. Playoff games give me a chance to focus completely on artistic shots. There are over 12 cameras to cover the game. Happily, I can take time to setup and precisely nail a composition.

I was at one of the two big tickets in town. Giants at 49ers turned out to be a great game. It had all of the elements for me: Two great defenses, night game, and weather!! It made for some brilliant shot opportunities.

Like I said, I have more time to focus on shots. So, I posted up on top of the cement dug out for a while. I waited for the 49ers to walk into their tunnel. It was a great vantage point from the dug out. I was able to get some great silhouettes down the tunnel this way. It just so happens that I got Alex Smith in a very moody tunnel shot.

Brian Murray filming the stadium from a distance

The second shot was very obvious. We had heard all week about the “monsoon” that was coming around game time. So, when I saw the field covered, I just had to try and cinematically capture that. The guys clearing off the tarp made for a perfect shot.

Lastly, I had a real plan for this shot. I had seen shots of the stadium from a local hill, in the past. I wanted to get far away for this shot though. So, at half time I just got in the van and started driving. I didn’t stop until I was 4 miles and 15 minutes away. I love this shot. I really like to see the combination of low light and shallow focus. Also, the rain really helped to give this shot texture. In the end, I think if you add up those couple shots. I’d call the day a success.

All of the shots had the same technical specifications. I shot an Aaton XTR-Prod, with a Canon 11-165mm lens. For the most part, I used Kodak 7207, 200asa stock. I had a varying shutter as well. Looking forward to my Superbowl post next week!

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