Cosell’s Watching the Championships: Flacco Deserved to Win

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Championship Sunday coaching tape: Ravens offense vs. Patriots defense. 

  • Patriots played 3-4 as foundation front; Love at NT and Wilfork at DE, Anderson and Ninkovich were the OLB
  • Patriots again moved McCourty to safety in base pass defense and in nickel, Moore played corner in base sub-package and in nickel
  • Edelman again was the slot corner in the sub-packages

  • Patriots played dime on first 3rd + long with Ihedigbo in the game, 3-2-6 personnel with LB Mayo and Fletcher and S Ihedigbo
  • Patriots also played 4-2-5 nickel sub-package, Function of down and distance
  • Anderson and Wilfork immediately stood out in the run game
  • Patriots 3-2-6 sub-package game planned, Utilized in 3rd + long situations – First 2 times they used it they rushed 3 and dropped 8
  • Smith 42 yds off play action boot was rare 1st + 10 pass by Ravens, Chung coverage breakdown due to run action
  • Ravens much more 3 WR personnel than they had utilized in recent weeks, Evans clearly part of game plan – Evans played almost 40 snaps in this game
  • DE Deaderick also stood out in the run game, Overall Patriots 3-4 front handled Ravens run game in the 1st half
  • Evans 20 yds came on 1st + 10 out of “20” personnel, Patriots stayed 3-4 base with McCourty at corner and Ihedigbo at safety
  • Brace played snaps at NT and Warren played snaps at DE, Warren as always a significant part of DE rotation – Brace and Ellis only played a few snaps
  • Flacco big time throw on Boldin 37 yds skinny post on 2nd quarter TD drive
  • Anderson quick edge pressure versus LT McKinnie may have saved a 2nd quarter TD, Smith ran by S Chung on deep in and go route and was wide open – Anderson forced Flacco to step up, NT Love drove RG Yanda into Flacco and Flacco could not step into the throw
  • 3-2-6 was Belichick’s predominant sub-package in the 1st half; Fletcher and Mayo were the LB, Ihedigbo and Edelman were the inside slot players
  • Arrington injured in the 2nd quarter, Moore replaced him at corner in the base 3-4
  • With Arrington out, Molden and Moore were the outside corners in the nickel sub-package
  • In the 2nd half the Patriots at times showed a different dime sub-package: Ninkovich was wild card as hybrid LB/DE and Mayo was only LB, Again Ihedigbo and Edelman inside in the slot
  • Smith 29 yd TD on 3rd + 4 came against “cover zero blitz” out of nickel, Flacco quick hitch versus Moore who missed the tackle
  • Warren has given the Patriots some excellent snaps at DE in the 3-4, Played well the last couple of games
  • Ihedigbo sack on 3rd + 8 in the red zone in the 3rd quarter came off “cover zero blitz” out of dime
  • Arrington came back in the 4th quarter
  • Ravens chipped away with the run game, Had success in the 2nd half; 5, 6, 7 yd runs
  • Spikes interception was great play recognition, Ravens OL stood up to pass protect so Spikes read pass not run – Flacco clearly anticipated the backfield run action would hold Spikes and quick seam throw to Dickson would be there
  • Wilfork played an outstanding game, He was very tough to block as a run defender and an inside pass rusher
  • Patriots played dime on the Ravens final drive; Moore and Arrington were the outside corners, Edelman and Chung were the inside defenders with McCourty and Ihedigbo deep
  • Patriots a lot of “2 man” on Ravens final drive, with Edelman matched on Boldin
  • Boldin 29 yds on final drive came out of tight bunch, Edelman played the release and Arrington matched up to his man – Both played Smith and Boldin was left free
  • Flacco big time throw to Evans on final drive, Can’t throw it any better – Evans dropped the game winner
  • Flacco was excellent in this game, A number of outstanding throws in critical situations, A great 2:00 drive that should have given the Ravens the victory – Flacco deserved to win
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