Why The New York Giants Will Win The Super Bowl – An Unknown Stat

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I understand that Patriots fans will read that headline and immediately scoff.  I get it, I do. But it’s not you, it’s me.  Actually – it’s not me, it’s Eli.  Nope, kidding again.  It’s really the Philadelphia Eagles and their home-openers.  Really.

I’m a proud Eagles fan. For many years, I’ve made it a point to go see the Eagles play their first game at home.  As a fan, this is one of the most exciting games of the year.  It’s been a long off-season, you’re getting to see your team play for the first time in their stadium, the turf is green, the weather is warm, everyone is in a good mood.  Welcome back football.  All is good.

But, what’s better than getting to see the Philadelphia Eagles play their first home game of the season?  Getting to see the future Super Bowl Champions play, of course.  Anyone who is a fan of the game will appreciate that.  And, no, I’m not still talking about the Eagles.  Let’s not make unrealistic predictions here.  Let’s make realistic ones:

For the past 2 seasons, whichever team plays in Philadelphia at the Eagles home-openerand defeats the Eagles— has gone on to become that year’s Super Bowl Champions.

Not buying it? Two years ago, the New Orleans Saints opened up Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, September 20th.  The result?  48, 22… Saints.  Last season, the Green Bay Packers paid us a visit.  27, 20… Packers.  This year, during Week 3, the New York Giants hitched a ride on the Super Bowl express.  29, 16… Giants.

It’s been a long season, but we’re finally there:

April 19th, 2011

When the schedule was released, I immediately jumped over to the Eagles lineup to see who this year’s Super Bowl Champion was going to be.

It was like flipping to the last paragraph of a book to see how it ends, before even starting the book.  Even if you read that last paragraph and it makes no sense at all, you know that it will all come together and make sense by the time you catch back up to that page.

Ugh, but it was the Giants in Week 3.  I didn’t want to read this book.

September 25th, 2011

I went to the game with my fingers crossed. “Lose, lose, lose, lose, Giants. C’monnnn lose.”  It wasn’t about the Eagles winning – it was about the Giants losing.  I didn’t want to see the Giants win another Lombardi trophy.

Standing behind Andy Reid, Week 3

As I stood a few feet behind Andy Reid, all I could do was hope he could keep the Giants from winning the game… and the Super Bowl.  Instead, the Eagles blew their lead, and I went home to do what every Philadelphia fan does when they lose: drown my sorrows in a ‘cheesesteak with’(okay, so we do the same thing when we celebrate. Celebratory cheeseteak!  I did not get a lot of those this season).

November 21st, 2011

That week, the Giants and the Eagles met again. This time, the Giants did lose.  It was a surprising loss.  The Eagles were down some big-name starters and had already begun their downward spiral.  The morning after the game, I spoke to some Giants fans at the office.  They all had sour faces.  “We lost a game we should have won! Our season is doomed.”  I rolled my eyes.  Seeing Giants fans upset at being defeated by the Eagles is not something that usually annoys me – it actually brings me a lot of joy.  But I was annoyed that they didn’t know how good they had it.  They were still in for an incredible season, but just didn’t know it yet.  It was time to bring out the stat.  I went to the NFL Films blog and started typing.  Click here to see my original post.

So there you have it.  Giants fans, start chilling the champagne.  Patriots fans, my apologies in advance.  I do like watching your team play, but hey… you beat us in Super Bowl XXXIX.  That still hurts.  You owe me a celebratory cheesesteak… with.

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