Tournament of Touchdown Shots: Round 2, Game 5

Holiday Tournament Bracket, Round 2, TCIPF Staff

In Round 1 of the Holiday Tournament of Touchdown Shots, Ray Nitschke’s interception return barely edged Terrell Owens’ “The Catch II”, to advance.

Well Nitshcke’s play has an uphill battle in Round 2, Game 5 as it goes up against the original catch – Dwight Clark’s historic grab.

Check out the shots below and vote for the best one:

The Catch (1)

Nitschke Limps Home (4)

Voting has ended

**The Catch (1) = 61.17%**

Nitschke Limps Home (4) = 38.83%

Click here to see the full bracket and find out more about the HTTS!

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