Cosell’s Watching the Divisionals: Packers Pass Rush Tiny in Giants Loss

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Divisional Weekend coaching tape: Giants offense vs. Packers defense.

  • Bush started at RCB in the Packers nickel sub-package in place of Shields
  • Packers started Jones at OLB in the base 3-4 in place of Walden, Walden only played 14 snaps
  • Focus of Packers pressure concepts was inside, “Fire x” blitz concepts with Bishop and Hawk out of nickel were featured

  • Manning excellent pocket movement on first 3rd + long (3rd+ 8), Bishop clean on “fire x” blitz
  • Cruz has become a very effective WR when at #1 outside the numbers, More than just a slot receiver
  • Overall Manning a better passer on the move than he has ever been, Boot action now part of Giants pass game
  • Packers played a lot of man coverage on the Giants 1st possession, Cruz beat Woodson out of “2 man” for 11 yds on 3rd + 10
  • Bradshaw excellent block on blitzing Bishop on Beckum 10 yds on Giants 1st possession
  • Woodson played safety at times, depending on Giants personnel; With Beckum in the game the Packers at times aligned SS Peprah over him and Woodson dropped to safety
  • What again stood out about Manning was his willingness to pull the trigger on tight throws into small windows
  • Packers were unable to generate consistent pressure on Manning, Focus was inside with LB blitz
  • Nicks 66 yd TD came out of “21” personnel versus “cover 3” behind a 3 man rush, No pressure on Manning as he threw the deep dig to Nicks
  • Giants struggled to run the ball; Their OL was physically handled by the Packers defensive front, whether they were in 3-4 or 2-4 personnel
  • Packers a number of snaps with 3 man rushes and 8 in coverage, They did not blitz very much
  • Bush and Shields both played snaps at corner in the nickel sub-package opposite Williams, Shields only played 16 snaps
  • Manning again showed how strong he is as a progression reader, Great sense of route combinations and the timing involved
  • Manning outstanding on 3rd down in the 1sthalf, Strong in the pocket and accurate
  • Burnett interception result of pressure from “fire x” blitz out of 2-4-5 personnel, LG Boothe put in a conflict and Bishop was able to beat him and impact Manning’s throw
  • Nicks predominantly the “x” in the Giants base “21” personnel package, Capable of both beating man coverage and making difficult contested catches
  • Bush and Shields did not play with a lot of effort on Nicks 37 yd TD on final play of 1st half, They allowed Nicks and Cruz to run by them and were not part of the play
  • Walden played in the 2nd half after not getting any snaps in the 1st half
  • Manningham 4 yd TD was an outstanding throw by Manning, Velocity and accuracy in a very tight window – Tremendous red zone execution
  • Cruz 17 yds on 3rd + 11 on Giants final TD drive was game’s critical play; Packers rushed 4 and played “cover 2”, Lack of pass rush allowed Manning to manipulate the underneath coverage and open the passing lane to Cruz – A microcosm of the entire game
  • Giants stayed balanced with their play calling but Manning’s efficiency on 3rd down was critical component to this game
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