NFL Films Presents More: Ray Rice

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Baltimore RB Ray Rice is the second most famous graduate from New Rochelle (NY) High School, behind only Henry Heimlich – Class of ’37.  In this weekend’s playoff matchup against Houston, the Ravens hope to have plenty of use for Rice, and none for his fellow New Rochelle alum’s reverse peristalsis maneuver.

Shooting this feature was a glimpse into what life must be like for a king, because in New Rochelle that’s how Ray is treated.  Whether it was at his mothers’ elementary school, or at his old high school for his football clinic, Ray is mobbed wherever he goes in town.  The morning of the football clinic, we were ushered to a back locker room to attach his microphone.  We were led through a maze of skinny hallways into some back room; it felt like we were tracking down a rock star.  Except Ray Rice acts anything like a rock star.  He is what they call “one of the good guys”, a kid who has overcome adversity in his life to make himself a great player and an even better person.

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