Cinemablogapher: CBS Show Open

Behind the Scenes, Brian Murray, Cinematography

This particular project was completely based on elements. “Weather” elements to be exact. Rain, Wind, Snow, Ice, Fog, and Mud were shot. We isolated all of these elements in order to blend previous NFL Films archive shots. It’s difficult to isolate some elements without having particular equipment that can record an image at very high speeds. In the case of rain, we used a Phantom camera. The Phantom Cam can record up to 2,600fps at the set-up we were running. The higher the speed, the slower the image moves. This worked great and we were able to isolate the smallest of rain drops. This did not just work with rain, but we felt it looked great with wind also. Some shots didn’t need to be slow. For this, we used an Arri Alexa shot at 120fps. Having both cameras running at the same time really helped graphics by giving them multiple angles and frame rates to work with.

The studio was a great place for us to film all of these items in one day. We brought in about 20 feet of sod to build as a backdrop for these elements. Working with grass as a template helped graphics to blend all of these elements into one coherent Open.

In the end, this was a great way to bridge weather elements together with NFL Films footage.

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See the finished open on “They Call It The NFL Playoffs” this Saturday, January 14th at 2:30 pm/ET only on CBS!

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