Cosell’s Watching the Wild Cards: Tebow’s Arm Broke Steel

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Wild Card Weekend coaching tape: Broncos offense vs. Steelers defense.

  • Steelers game planned to play snaps of “cover zero”, 2nd play of game Munday and Polamalu blitzed versus 6 OL personnel and forced McGahee fumble
  • First 3rd + long (3rd + 7) the Steelers rushed 5 and played “man free”, Tebow stepped up in the pocket and made an inaccurate throw to open Royal on the out route
  • Hampton was finished for the game after the 1st series, McLendon replaced him at NT

  • Steelers clearly committed to playing the run, LB shot gaps and safeties attacked the line of scrimmage

    Demaryius Thomas breaks away from Ryan Mundy (AP)

  • “Cover zero” was a Steelers foundation on early downs in normal and distance situations, especially versus 6 OL personnel
  • Thomas 51 yds on 3rd + 12 result of Tebow pocket movement and a great deep throw; Steelers coverage took away progression throws so Tebow moved outside the pocket, Set his feet and delivered a strike to Thomas who had a step on Taylor – Can’t throw it any better than Tebow did on that play
  • Royal 30 yd TD came against “cover 3”; Tebow kept Mundy in the deep middle with a pump fake and made an outstanding throw to a well covered Royal on “sluggo”, Showed anticipation and great accuracy – An NFL throw
  • Tebow’s delivery has improved since he became the starter, It will never be quick and compact but it’s a little less elongated and deliberate – Must continue to work on it since arm strength correlates to arm speed
  • Kiesel injured on Royal 30 yd TD and did not return, Heyward replaced him in the base 3-4
  • Thomas 58 yds off play action with Tebow under center and 6 OL personnel, Steelers “cover zero” to defend run with Taylor one-on-one versus Thomas, Broncos worked off staple in-breaking route and Thomas ran a double move – A designed shot play that beat the Steelers defense
  • Tebow 9 yd TD was shotgun “power” from empty set; Must defend QB “power” when you play Tebow in 2 specific situations, red zone and 3rd + long
  • Fells 40 yds was a beautifully designed play off a staple TE crossing route to take advantage of Polamalu’s aggressiveness; Tebow play action boot left with a great throw on the move, Fells began across the field then ran vertically
  • Tebow threw the ball with more consistent accuracy than in any previous game this season
  • Broncos a lot of closed formations with 2 receivers, 3 receivers and even 4 receivers to the open side; Accomplished 2 things: Gave Tebow half-field reads and either/or reads off play action
  • Tebow run element caused problems for the Steelers, whether it was read option or speed option
  • Harrison had a lot of problems with the read option, Tebow took advantage of him a number of times
  • Steelers defense was reactive, not proactive; They played majority of snaps out on base 3-4 and their pressure schemes predominantly come out of nickel – Nickel corner Lewis only played 13 snaps
  • Broncos adjustment this game was to take some deep shots off staple flash play action, Excellent tactic to loosen up the defense and prevent 8 and 9 man boxes to play the run – Shot plays featured more than in any previous game
  • 6 OL was featured part of Broncos game plan, 6th OL Clark played 17 snaps
  • This was the first game in which Tebow made some anticipation throws versus man coverage, That’s a positive step
  • Steelers a significant number of snaps in the 2nd half in which they brought both safeties Polamalu and Mundy into the box to defend the run
  • Thomas 80 yd TD on 1st play of OT was set up by the entire 2nd half:  Royal tight motion closed the formation, Steelers went “cover zero” to defend the run, Taylor played with outside leverage and there was no safety in the middle of the field – Shotgun play action and in-breaking route by Thomas, who ran away from defense
  • Tebow only threw 2 passes on 1st down in the entire game, with 2:40 left in the 3rd quarter and the OT game winner to Thomas; Tebow only threw the ball on passing down and distances – Raises question as to why the Broncos did not throw on 1st down versus defined single high and “cover zero” looks
  • Steelers were beaten by Tebow’s passing in this game, Their defensive foundation was stopping the run with a loaded box and they were beaten a number of times for big plays in man coverage
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