Cosell’s Watching the Wild Cards: Saints Offense vs. Detroit

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Wild Card Weekend coaching tape: Saints offense vs. Lions Defense.

  • Delmas back at safety for the Lions after missing 5 games, Delmas and Spievay started at safety – Harris was inactive
  • “Nudge” concept a significant part of Saints protection schemes, Utilized primarily with Graham and Sproles
  • Berry was the Lions 3rd corner, He played outside with Wright inside over the slot

  • Lions showed Avril in 2 point stance in the middle of the defense as part of nickel sub-package, Lions also used Young in that position out of the base 4-3

    Darren Sproles runs up field as Justin Durant and Nick Fairley defend (AP)

  • Lions predominant 2 deep shell through the Saints first couple of possessions, Game planned
  • Fairley significant part of Lions DL rotation, Played more snaps in this game than any game this season
  • Saints showed “wam” concept in the run game, Effective versus penetrating DT Suh
  • Sproles a very significant part of Saints game plan, Utilized in a number of different positions – Played about 35-40 snaps
  • 3×1 sets utilized effectively by the Saints, Colston and Graham both aligned at #3 in the inside slot
  • “Nudge” concept often utilized out of empty to help OT Bushrod and Strief with pass protection
  • Lions stayed predominantly with 2 deep coverage throughout the 1st half, Very few snaps of man coverage – When they did play man they matched Delmas on Graham
  • Lions at times generated good pass rush pressure on Brees, Brees a few ill-advised throws that could easily have been intercepted – 49ers defense will be preaching that all week in preparation
  • Henderson 41 yd TD was great design out of “21” personnel, Henderson tight motion inside TE Graham, Vertical seam route versus S Spievay – Coverage was “Tampa 2”, Hard run action slowed MLB Tulloch’s middle hole responsibility

    Devery Henderson catches a 41 yd TD pass in front of Stephen Tulloch (AP)

  • Lions defensive foundation was predominant 4 man DL rush with a 2 deep shell behind it, A lot of snaps of “Tampa 2”
  • Berry replaced Houston as corner in the base defense in the 2nd half, Houston became the 3rd corner
  • Colston 40 yds on second 3rd quarter TD driv: he beat Smith on a go route from plus split, Lions singlehigh for the 1st time in the game – Empty with Graham and Sproles nudge, Don’t see Colston run go routes from plus splits too often in the Saints pass game
  • Sproles 12 yd catch on critical 3rd + 2 in the 4th quarter came versus “2 man”, LB Tulloch matched on Sproles
  • Lions played snaps of single high and man coverage in the 4th quarter, Needed to get more aggressive
  • Meachem 56 yd TD came versus “Tampa 2”, Brees manipulated S Delmas to react to Arrington seam route – Empty with Graham and Sproles nudge
  • Smith and Berry were beaten in man coverage by Colston and Meachem in the 2nd half, Reflective of fact that Lions need better corner play to compete
  • Saints never take their foot off the pedal, They attack for 4 quarters no matter the score

Later today: Greg’s notes on

the New Orleans defense’s Wild Card performance.

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