Cosell’s Watching the Wild Cards: Saints Defense vs. Detroit

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Wild Card Weekend coaching tape: Saints defense vs. Lions offense.

  • Saints began the game with 3-3-5 personnel, Wilson was the 3rd LB with Shanle and Vilma – Casillas was inactive
  • Saints played man-to-man right from the start, It was predominantly “man free”; S Harper was matched on TE Pettigrew or Scheffler
  • Stafford beat the “green dog” on the 2nd play: Johnson 22 yds from the slot versus corner Porter

  • DC Williams came out aggressive, He challenged the Lions pass game with press man and “green dog” pressure
  • Saints strong tendency to play “Tampa 2” in the red zone, MLB Vilma a lot of freedom to read routes inside
  • Heller 10 yd TD on 1st possession came versus “Tampa 2”, Vilma cheated to Johnson in the slot on same side of Heller – Heller initially blocked, which also impacted Vilma’s drop
  • Single high safety Jenkins primarily cheated to Johnson in “man free” coverage concept
  • Saints showed a lot of different fronts that included 3 man, 4 man and 5 man DL – Also mixed coverages as the game progressed with a healthy dose of “Tampa 2”
  • Robinson was the Saints 3rd corner, He played right corner with Porter inside over the slot
  • 3-3-5 was a foundation defense for the Saints versus the Lions, Wilson played 39 snaps
  • Saints also played snaps of “cover zero blitz”, DC Williams very multiple with his pressures and coverages
  • Saints also played snaps of base 3-4 versus “12” personnel, Dunbar was the 4th LB
  • Stafford a lot of quick throws versus man coverage, Negated Saints strong “green dog” tendency – Clearly game planned
  • Johnson 13 yd TD came versus “Tampa 2”, Saints rushed 3 and dropped 8; Empty with Johnson slot to 2 receiver side, Vilma opened to 3 receiver side
  • What was impressive about Stafford was he completed passes to Johnson against coverages designed to take Johnson away, Some big time throws
  • A lot of Saints zone coverage concepts featured 3 man rushes with 8 in coverage. Based on film study I would say the Saints rush 3 as much as or more than any team in the NFL
  • Saints at times played dime, S Abdul-Quddus was the 6th DB
  • Harper matched up on Pettigrew in the Saints man coverage concepts, In the 3rd quarter when the Saints showed a 4 wide look with Johnson in the slot S Jenkins matched up on Johnson in “man free”: Johnson 21 yds
  • It was only 1 game but rookie LB Wilson did not look like a very good edge blitzer, Stiff with little change of direction
  • Greer 1st interception in the 4th quarter was the result of pressure on Stafford by Smith beating LG Sims, Young ran by Greer but Stafford could not drive the throw
  • Johnson’s big game mostly the result of Stafford making some great throws into tight windows versus schemed coverages designed to take away Johnson
  • Overall Stafford read coverage well and threw the ball extremely well versus a multiple Saints defense

Later today: more of Greg’s Wild Card film study notes.

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