Cosell’s Watching the Wild Cards: Methodical Texans Move on

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Wild Card Weekend coaching tape: Texans offense vs. Bengals defense.

  • Bengals predominant “odd” fronts to get a DT head up on C Myers, whose best attribute is movement not power
  • MLB Maualuga played downhill versus Texans zone run game, Can’t play laterally
  • Play action out of base personnel again the foundation of the Texans passing game

  • Texans worked the middle of the field in the passing game, First 2 Yates completions (Johnson and Daniels) were between the numbers
  • Texans run game was multi-dimensional; They did more than run zone, They also ran “power” and “counter”
  • Foster an excellent one cut downhill runner with great patience, vision and decisiveness
  • Bengals double “A” gap alignment at times caused problems for Texans pass protection, Created some protection confusion
  • C Myers improved versus odd fronts as the game progressed, Quick feet and excellent leverage
  • Texans very patient with their run game, What struck me was number of run plays with pulling OL
  • Yates after a slow start played with poise and command in the pocket; Made some good throws both inside and outside, including a big time 3rd + 9 completion to Johnson on an out route versus “quarters” for 17 yds
  • Bengals “cover zero blitz” on 3rd + 6 just outside the red zone, Johnson one-on-one versus Jennings; Jennings played the sticks and was beaten by Johnson, Good throw by Yates and Johnson almost made a leaping catch
  • Corner Jones played with consistently poor footwork, technique, balance and body control; Negated his excellent athleticism
  • Nelson 3rd quarter sack came from double “A” gap alignment, Alignment dictated protection and Nelson was clean off the edge – Texans 7 man protection so no receiver broke off his route, Cin. pressure concept broke down protection
  • Foster 15 yd screen in 3rd quarter came versus overload zone blitz concept, Excellent play call against anticipated pressure
  • Yates very lucky on dropped Crocker interception on Daniels crosser off play action boot, Crocker was directly in Yates line of vision – That’s a throw that can’t be made
  • Johnson 40 yd TD was an out-and-up versus Jones, Jones bad footwork and balance; Single high safety Crocker too flat an angle and gave himself no chance – Excellent 6 man pass protection
  • Pass protection versus zone blitz concepts was a continuing issue for the Texans, They must improve this week against the Ravens
  • Foster better lateral agility and quickness than his running style suggests, He’s a long strider but he changes direction well and has the ability to stop and start in the hole and make people miss
  • Foster 7 yds on 3rd + 5 out of shotgun “power” in the 4th quarter was a big play, Bengals again double “A” gap alignment
  • Texans have the ability to eat clock and close out a game running the ball, A critical component to winning
  • Foster 42 yd TD on 3rd + 7 sealed the win, Outside zone out of “11” personnel to the slot and the field, Great job by RT Winston and TE Dreessen working together to seal the edge
  • A methodical and measured performance by the Texans offense, Score of the game allowed them to remain a run-first offense – Texans overall play call breakdown: 35 called runs, 22 called passes
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