NFL Films Presents More: Arian Foster

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We wanted to do the interview in a location that seemed ‘scholarly’, since the focus of the piece was on Arian Foster’s love of the written word. After scouting a few libraries around Houston, we settled on the African-American Library at the Gregory School, in the Freedman’s section of Houston. It was an area rich in history; Freedman’s was the first settlement for freed slaves back in the 1800s. Both Arian and Spencer Tillman took interest in the museum located in the library, and seemed thankful that we had chosen that location for the day.

As you might expect from a couple guys with a wide array of interests and the ability to talk talk talk, our interview often took left turns towards a variety topics from fatherhood to whether or not college athletes should be paid. (Arian thinks they should.) These conversations were interesting, but had zero chance of making the final piece. What I had originally planned to be about a one hour interview ended up being closer to two.

The last time the city of Houston hosted a playoff game, Spencer Tillman played for the home team. It was a 28-20 loss to Joe Montana and the Chiefs in 1993. This weekend, Arian Foster will try to help end Houston’s long drought of playoff success.

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