Cosell’s Watching: Tebow Must Learn How to Pass

From the Desk of Greg Cosell, Greg Cosell, Inside the Game

As he prepares for the Wild Card Playoffs, NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 17 coaching tape of the Broncos offense vs. the Chiefs defense. 

  • Broncos first 3rd + long (3rd + 8) Tebow designed run out of empty set: 6 yds – Chiefs played “man free” with LB Johnson free in the middle of the defense
  • Broncos flea-flicker on 1st play of 2nd possession worked perfectly, Decker wide open on deep corner route but Tebow did not throw the ball; Tebow no pressure in the pocket, Throw has to be made – Shot play that worked, Tebow failed to execute
  • Tebow running on 3rd down is a significant part of the Broncos offense, It’s one of the only ways they can sustain offense

  • “Power” out of shotgun is a staple Broncos play, Tebow running factor  slows down back side pursuit
  • Tebow did not pull the trigger to primary read wide open receivers on well designed plays

    Tebow throws on 3rd and 4 against the Chiefs (AP)

  • McGahee good runs in the 1st half were predominantly base runs with Tebow under center
  • Chiefs played base 3-4 versus Broncos base offensive personnel, They played multiple fronts with their DL + LB – Almost always got a safety involved in the run front
  • Tebow needs to learn what open is in the NFL, Right now he is not pulling the trigger on primary read throws that are there
  • Broncos run the most elementary and remedial pass game in the NFL re: route combinations and QB reads
  • Tebow again this week took a number of big hits running the ball by design, That’s a concern
  • Broncos clearly do not want Tebow throwing the ball unless they can define the conditions with designed primary read throws – Another example of coaches telling you by their play calling and utilization of players how they feel about their own players
  • Broncos got almost exclusive man coverage on the outside and they did not attempt to take advantage of it with Tebow throwing the ball
  • Tebow needs major technique and lower body work throwing the ball; Bad tendency to lift his back leg off the ground before he delivers the ball, That dramatically slows down his arm speed and limits velocity
  • Chiefs approach was to keep Tebow in the pocket and make him throw the ball, They featured a controlled 4 man rush and very little blitzing
  • Tebow at this point is not an anticipation passer, Waits too long to deliver the ball when receivers break open

    Tim Tebow reacts after he was sacked (AP)

  • Broncos ran 71 offensive plays, ran for 216 yards and still only scored 3 points
  • Chiefs did an outstanding job with their outside contain defender preventing Tebow from getting outside an a runner, Tebow was a non-factor as a runner
  • I don’t think the Chiefs played 1 snap of zone coverage, It was “man free” almost exclusively behind a controlled 4 man rush
  • Tebow will have to learn how to pass in order to play QB effectively and consistently in the NFL
  • If the Broncos continue to see this much man coverage the Broncos will need to help Tebow with their formations and their play calling, They must expand their pass game concepts versus man coverage to give him any chance
  • Tebow was forced to make throws on the final drive because of the desperate nature of the game, He needs to do that throughout the game – You must throw the ball versus man coverage
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