Cosell’s Watching: Giants Run Game Showed its Flaws

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As he prepares for the Wild Card Playoffs, NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 17 coaching tape of the Giants offense vs. the Cowboys defense.

  • In their base 3-4 front versus the Giants “21” personnel the Cowboys predominantly aligned Ware on the open side of the offensive formation
  • James predominantly played versus “21” personnel that featured Pascoe at TE, Brooking predominantly played versus “21” personnel that featured Beckum at TE
  • Cowboys featured snaps of dime, with Ball the 6th DB; Ball and Scandrick played inside
  • Cruz 74 yd TD came on 3rd+ 1, Cruz was in the slot matched on Newman; Cowboys “cover zero blitz” concept with no free safety in the middle of the field
  • Giants a number of snaps with 6 OL personnel, OT Ugoh was the 6th OL for the 3rd consecutive week
  • Manning continued to show excellent pocket movement in response to pressure, Ability to keep downfield focus and make accurate throws on the move
  • Cowboys predominant base 3-4 fronts in normal down and distance situations versus Giants base personnel
  • Cowboys too many mental breakdowns, both in run defense and pass coverage
  • Elam bad missed tackle in the backfield on Bradshaw 5 yd TD, Perfect safety blitz call and Elam did not execute
  • Giants Ware again played significant snaps, Used effectively as offset back in the shotgun as both a runner and receiver
  • Cowboys in long yardage situations at times rushed 3 and dropped 8, and played “Tampa 2”
  • Giants did not run the ball with any consistency, They did not win at the point of attack
  • Bradshaw 10 yd TD catch near the end of the 1st half was again poor defense by the Cowboys, Based on the overall coverage look LB James needed to react quicker to Bradshaw leaking out of the backfield – James was out-athleted by Bradshaw
  • Giants put a ton of responsibility on Manning at the line of scrimmage re: fronts and checks in the run game and protections in the pass game
  • C Baas struggled in the run game for the 2nd consecutive week
  • Jacobs is not a short yardage runner, He runs too high and loses leverage and power
  • LT Diehl can be a concern in pass protection when matched one-on-one with quickness on the edge
  • Cruz 44 yds on 3rd + 7 from the slot was outstanding pocket movement by Manning with a great sense of the coverage, Cruz one-on-one with Scandrick with the single high safety Sensabaugh rotated to the other side
  • Manning outstanding game, especially given Giants inability to run the ball; Great pocket movement and consistent accuracy – He was an elite QB in this game
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