Cosell’s Watching: Cincinnati Offense Not Explosive

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As he prepares for the Wild Card Playoffs, NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 17 coaching tape of the Ravens defense vs. the Bengals offense.

  • Webb started at corner for the Ravens and played in the slot in the nickel, Smith played outside in the nickel
  • McClain started at ILB in the base defense
  • Suggs inside stunt blew up beautifully designed Bengals shot play on 1st play of 2nd possession; Simpson ran by corner Williams on deep post, He was wide open for a big play but Dalton did not have time

  • Green 18 yds on 1stquarter FG drive came from slot v. Webb in “2 man” coverage, Great move by Green

    Andy Dalton is sacked by Terrell Suggs (AP)

  • Dalton a very compact and quick delivery, No wasted motion; Quickness of delivery and anticipation at times compensate for just above average arm strength
  • Jones a significant part of Ravens DL rotation, Aligned at both DT and DE
  • Redding again played very well, Been very consistent all season playing about 30-40 snaps per game
  • Bengals pass game fairly elementary re: route combinations and reading progressions, OC Gruden outstanding job maximizing Dalton efficiency
  • Dalton struggled to drive the ball in this game, Ball did not come out with much velocity on intermediate throws
  • Lewis not the same sideline-to-sideline LB he was a few years ago, Much more of a between-the-tackles player at this point
  • Dalton not as sharp mentally in this game was he has been in other games this season, A number of plays he hurried his read and was not patient in the pocket
  • Bengals no consistent success running the ball with Benson, OL struggled to win at the point of attack
  • Bengals focused on pass protection in long yardage situations and that limited the number of eligible receivers running routes
  • Green and Gresham were not factors in the pass game, There were a number of 3rd down snaps in which Gresham stayed in to pass protect
  • Bengals called a number of shot plays off play action and they had receivers open at the intermediate and deeper levels but pass rush pressure prevented Dalton but staying in the pocket and delivering the ball
  • Bengals pass game has leveled off over the last month, Dalton not as sharp – Some of his arm strength limitations have shown up more in recent weeks
  • Bengals a measured and methodical offense, They take their designed shots but they are more sustaining than explosive
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