Tournament of Touchdown Shots: Round 1, Game 11

Baltimore Ravens, Holiday Tournament Bracket, Pittsburgh Steelers, Round 1, TCIPF Staff

Steve Young’s wild run against the Vikings easily took care of business against Darrell Green’s punt return, which didn’t get much love.

We move on in the Holiday Tournament of TD Shots to Game 11. Santonio Holmes has been in the news recently for his detrimental conduct, but you can’t argue with his ability.

Today Holmes’ Super Bowl-winning catch squares off with Ed Reed’s 108-yard interception return. Take a look at these rival shots and vote for the best one!

Santonio’s Catch (3)

Reed 108 Yard Return (6)

Voting has ended

Santonio’s Catch (3) = 41.3%

**Reed 108 Yard Return (6) = 58.7%**

Click here to see the full bracket and find out more about the HTTS!

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