Cosell’s Watching: Virtues of Dalton Show Up Again

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Bengals offense vs. the Cardinals defense.

  • Eason started at NT for the Cards, He has played there for the last month; Carter continued to get significant snaps as the rotation NT
  • Cards matched Peterson on Green, Continued tactic of matching Peterson on opponent’s best WR
  • With Rhodes back at safety Marshall stayed at corner in the sub-packages, Jefferson was again the nickel corner

  • Gresham 11 yd TD came v. LB Washington in man coverage, Nice route adjustment by Gresham when he saw Dalton move left out of the pocket
  • Dalton continued to show excellent poise and awareness when he moved out of the pocket
  • Two attributes Dalton continues to show every week are anticipation and willingness to make stick throws into small areas, He throws v. man coverage and intuitively understands that it’s up to the receiver to win and make the catch – He has total trust in Green 

    Jermaine Gresham catches a pass in front of Kerry Rhodes (AP)

  • Dalton succeeds with decision making, anticipation and accuracy; Not a strong arm, therefore some limitations
  • Cards an aggressive challenging defense, A high percentage of blitz – In this game a lot of pressure up the middle
  • Bengals a measured and methodical offense, Primarily a short to intermediate pass game – Green is the explosive playmaker on vertical routes
  • Gresham becoming a more significant part of the passing game, Dalton giving him a chance v. man coverage
  • Cards “amoeba” look out of nickel on first 3rd + long (3rd + 7) of the 2nd half, Bengals empty set – It was a 5 man rush with overload concept, Washington got in clean off the edge and drilled Dalton as he delivered
  • Dockett again showed up on film with his quickness and explosiveness, Great effort play after play
  • Cards did an excellent job with their coverages, There were a number of plays in which Dalton did not get a clear picture or did not feel he had a throw within the timing of the route combinations – Result was Bengals pass game had no rhythm
  • This was not a very consistent performance by the Bengals offense, Their run game must become more sustaining
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