Cosell’s Watching: Raiders Curry & Branch Jump off the Film

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Raiders defense vs. the Chiefs offense.

  • Raiders defense not very strong up the middle, McClain an average MLB and Giordano not what you want athletically at the FS position
  • Raiders again played significant snaps of dime; Branch played his usual slot corner, Mitchell played hybrid safety/LB position, Sheppard came inside and Van Dyke played outside
  • Curry continued to show up on film with his athleticism and movement, Excellent range
  • Orton a bad red zone interception on the play after Bowe dropped a TD; Orton did not see Giordano sitting in the middle of the end zone, Have to see that before delivering the ball

      • Raiders predominantly matched Routt on Bowe and Routt played a lot of press
      • McCluster more and more a part of Chiefs offense, He’s utilized in different positions as both a runner and receiver
      • Bowe dropped a TD on a great throw by Orton on a skinny post from the 13 yd line, Orton stuck the throw into a tight window v. excellent man coverage by Routt
      • DB Mitchell a very versatile player in the Raiders sub-package defenses; He aligns at safety, LB, at times has been utilized as a blitzer off the edge – He plays 40+ snaps per game
      • Copper 43 yds was a great job by Orton; It was play action boot with a designed throw back to TE Pope, That was taken away so Orton looked to Copper on the deep cross v. S Giordano – Copper was just running a clear route
    • Orton a little erratic in this game, He missed some routine throws that you have to make
    • Branch stands out on film every time I watch the Raiders defense, Plays safety in the base defense and slot corner in the sub-packages – Has shown ability to be effective blitzer off the slot
    • OT Maneri utilized as a 3rd TE on a number of snaps, At times used to run routes
    • Chiefs had some success in the pass game out of tight bunch formations, Excellent tactic v. Raiders predominant man coverage schemes
    • Routt excellent interception in man coverage v. Bowe in the 4th quarter, Bowe took his in-breaking route upfield and allowed Routt to undercut him – It’s a ball Orton has to throw, He trusted Bowe to win
  • Sheppard has become an every down player for the Raiders, Plays outside in the base defense and inside in the dime sub-package
  • Chiefs effective use of “wam” concept in the run game, Utilized it primarily with Jones as the runner
  • Chiefs did not convert 4th + 1 in the 4th quarter, Battle did not get it
  • Bowe 25 yds that set up blocked FG was a big time throw by Orton under back side pressure from Wimbley, Routt man-to-man on Bowe
  • Orton 2 great throws to set up winning FG in regulation, Excellent clutch throws

Later today, more of Greg’s notes from Week 16: 49ers vs. Seahawks

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