Cosell’s Watching: Raiders Boosted & Burned by Inconsistent Palmer

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Raiders offense vs. the Chiefs defense.

    • Raiders continued to feature 6 OL personnel as a foundation of their offense
    • Raiders offensive foundation is a power run game with Bush, and an intermediate and downfield pass game that looks to take advantage of man-to-man matchups on the outside
    • Arenas interception was a great play to get underneath out route by Moore, Arenas was the slot defender – Palmer did not account for Arenas and threw the out with conviction

  • Chiefs continued to play a high percentage of man coverage, much of it press man
  • Palmer always willing to pull the trigger on tight window throws; Sometimes it’s a positive when it’s defined man coverage, Sometimes it’s a negative due to his tendency to make throws into the teeth of zone coverages
  • Moore 61 yd TD was a shot play, Play action out of 6 OL personnel; Chiefs “cover 2”, Moore deep post v. S Langford, Moore ran right by Langford – Raiders got the right coverage for the play call
  • Palmer a tendency to struggle at times with reads; Seems to make a couple of throws every game in which it appears he did not read, or misread the coverage
  • Raiders did not put the game in Palmer’s hands, They took the ball out of his hands with a clear emphasis on running the ball in the 4th quarter
  • Chiefs stayed aggressive all game with their man coverage concepts, Raiders receivers struggled to win on short and intermediate routes
  • Heyward-Bey 53 yds on 1st play of OT was a shot play, Play action out of “21” straight “I” with Moore ghost reverse element; Heyward-Bey post/corner v. “cover 2” S Langford
  • Raiders a shot play offense when it comes to explosive plays in the passing game, Did not have any consistent intermediate pass game
  • Raiders played this game to their defense, A very conservative and limited offensive approach
  • Palmer right now has too much inconsistency in his game, Capable of throwing the ball very well but also at times struggles with reads and forced throws

Later today: the rest of Greg’s notes from Raiders vs. Chiefs.

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