Cosell’s Watching: Beast Mode runs like Adrian Peterson

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Seahawks offense vs. the 49ers defense.

  • Rogers was beaten in “man free” coverage on Lockett 44 yds on 2nd play of game – Great throw by Jackson with J. Smith inside pressure
  • In “2 man” out of nickel the 49ers matched LB Grant on TE Miller
  • Jean-Francois played some snaps at DE in the base 3-4, Had primarily played NT in previous weeks

  • A. Smith also played some snaps at OLB in the base 3-4, Will be interesting to see if the 49ers incorporate Smith more into the base defense to take advantage of his pass rush skills (especially v. teams like Green Bay and New Orleans that play with base personnel due to receiving TE like Finley + Graham)
  • A. Smith uses his hands extremely well, Great hand quickness and an excellent swim move
  • Lynch 2 long 1st half runs – 18 + 15 yds – came on zone runs to the right out of 2 back personnel v. 49ers base 3-4
  • NT Sopoaga continued to play well, Very good feet for a big man and uses his hands effectively to stack and shed in the run game
  • Bowman 2nd quarter sack came v. Seahawks empty set, Coverage was  “man free” with Bowman the spy on Jackson – Great man coverage forced Jackson to leave the pocket and Bowman ran him down
  • This was the 1st game A. Smith played significant snaps at ROLB in the base 3-4
  • Along with Peterson, Lynch is the most relentless runner in the NFL, He has outstanding core strength and leg drive
  • 49ers continued to play predominant man coverage out of their sub-packages
  • A. Smith 4th quarter sack was on Jackson, Ball should have been out before Smith got there but Jackson not an anticipation thrower
  • 49ers played almost all nickel as their main sub-package, Bowman played every snap for the 3rd consecutive game and Grant played almost every snap – Spencer only played 2 snaps and R. Smith played 6 snaps
  • Seahawks pass game not very complicated re: route concepts and reading progressions, Try to define the reads quickly for Jackson
  • Overall, Seahawks need help at WR; though Baldwin a very good slot and movement receiver, Tate very choppy at the top of his routes with just average change of direction
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