Cosell’s Watching: 49ers Must Keep it Simple for Alex Smith

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the 49ers offense vs. the Seahawks defense.

  • Seahawks at times matched up to 49ers “12” personnel with “big nickel” personnel – 3 safeties; Bigby was the 3rd safety, S Chancellor aligned at LB
  • 49ers more of a scheme pass game than an execution pass game, Defined throws for Smith out of specific personnel packages v. anticipated defenses
  • RT Davis continued to struggle in pass protection, He’s had an up-and-down season

  • Smith has shown the ability to make plays outside the pocket,A necessary part of his game since he has some limitations as a pocket passer

    49ers offense vs Seahawks defense (AP)

  • Gore looked quick given how late it is in the season, He’s an excellent inside runner
  • 49ers not very multiple with their use of personnel in normal down and distance situations, Predominantly “12” and “21” with some snaps of “22”
  • Smith a much better decision maker this season, Definitely plays conservatively and certainly does not attempt to make many stick throws into tight windows but also rarely throws interceptions
  • Smith at his best when the throws are defined quickly, Still not a quick progression reader and decision maker in the pocket
  • Seahawks matched S Chancellor on Davis in their man coverage concepts
  • Lewis remained the Seahawks nickel slot corner, Has filled that role the 2nd half of the season
  • Crabtree 27 yds was 1st play of the 2nd half, Play action out of “21” personnel with Crabtree slot to the field – A well designed and defined throw for Smith, Kind of 1st + 10 passing 49ers need to do to generate explosive plays in the pass game
  • Hunter used more in this game, A lot of his carries came out of the shotgun; Also effective on toss plays with Smith under center
  • Smith ability to sustain drives on 3rd down with his running, especially v. man coverage concepts; An important part of 49ers offense
  • 49ers OL more of a run blocking OL, It’s not a strong pass blocking unit
  • Once Walker left the game the Seahawks went away from their “big nickel” and played base 4-3 with Davis and Peelle at TE, Peelle not the receiving threat Walker is
  • Hunter gives the 49ers offense some perimeter explosiveness in the run game
  • Smith not a confident downfield passer
  • Smith left a number of designed big play opportunities on the field by not pulling the trigger
  • Smith best throw of the game was Crabtree 41 yds on winning 4th quarter FG drive, He showed trust in Crabtree and gave him a chance v. man coverage – It was the kind of throw Smith had not made all game, when the receiver was not open when he pulled the trigger
  • Harbaugh played to limitations of Smith and strength of his defense when he called 3 consecutive running plays with 1st + 10 on the Seahawks 28 with 5:06 left and trailing by 1 point – Did not put the ball in Smith’s hands
  • 49ers team profile: Run game, defense, special teams – Smith is part of the puzzle not a foundation

Later today, the rest of Greg’s notes from 49ers vs. Seahawks.

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