Cosell’s Watching: Packers Re-Worked O-Line Looked Strong

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Packers offense vs. the Bears defense

  • Bowman started at corner in place of benched Jennings; Wright and Steltz started at safety
  • Dietrich-Smith started at LG and Lang at RT for the Packers
  • On the 1st series the Bears played base 4-3 and treated Finley as a TE, That put LB Roach on Finley in the Bears man coverage concepts out of a 2 deep shell

  • Finley 2 yd TD came out of 4 spread formation with Finley and Crabtree split wide, Interesting that Bears matched S Wright on Crabtree and LB Roach on Finley

    Aaron Rodgers throws a jump pass against the Bears (AP)

  • Bears played a good amount of man coverage, both “man free” and “2 man”; Packers at times had some problems executing against it
  • Through much of the 1st half Rodgers was still playing a little fast, as he had at times in previous weeks; A little too much unnecessary and undisciplined movement
  • Packers through the 1st half struggled out of their 3 WR personnel v. Bears nickel man coverage concepts
  • Jones 32 yds v. “man free” on late 2nd quarter TD drive was the play that got the Packers offense going, Jones beat Bowman on in-breaking route – Finley chip release on Peppers to help LT Newhouse in pass protection
  • Peppers at times aligned at DT in the 4 man nickel DL, with Melton at DE
  • Bowman really struggled in man coverage, Packers put the star on him and had success
  • Jones 2 yd TD resulted from Rodgers defensive recognition before the snap of the ball, He set up Jones v. Bowman one-on-one

    James Jones catches a TD pass (AP)

  • Nelson 55 yd TD a shot play the Packers have scored on a number of times this season; Play action boot against a 2 deep shell with the WR running a post/corner/post against a safety – This time it was Nelson and S Wright had no chance, A great play call and route concept v. a 2 deep safety
  • Packers a number of snaps in this game in which Finley was split wide out of base “21” personnel
  • Jones 7 yd TD was an unbelievable throw by Rodgers, a back shoulder strike v. Bowman man coverage
  • Rodgers clearly got more comfortable as the game progressed, Bears helped by playing more snaps of “cover 2”
  • Packers reworked OL overall did an excellent job in pass protection, Some chip concepts and well designed play calls with quick drops and boot action helped minimize any individual mismatches
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