Cosell’s Watching: Jets not clicking, Giants playing chess with JPP

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Jets offense vs. the Giants defense.

  • Giants opened the game in their “big nickel” v. Jets “12” personnel
  • Amukamara was benched as the slot corner in the nickel, In this game Ross stayed outside and Rolle played over the slot – Rolle played just about every snap
  • LT Ferguson struggled at times with the initial burst and bull rush leverage of Pierre-Paul

  • Looked like the “big nickel” was the Giants base defense, Against the Jets and their predominant base personnel Blackburn played more snaps than Williams at LB

    Mark Sanchez is sacked by Jason Pierre-Paul (AP)

  • Looked like the Giants game plan was to play base 4-3 when FB Connor was in the game in a 2 man backfield
  • Giants showed Tuck and Pierre-Paul inside in 2 point stances with LB Williams and Boley outside, Different alignment with a lot of pressure and coverage possibilities
  • Jets no consistency or sustaining element to their run game, No longer control pace and tempo by running the ball
  • Sanchez overthrew wide open McKnight on designed shot play on 1st + 10 in the 2nd quarter, McKnight shifted from “I” formation to plus split WR; Jets got the matchup they game planned: McKnight on LB Boley
  • Pierre-Paul now a movable chess piece; Aligned at DE, at DT, in a 2 point stance in the middle
  • Sanchez not a confident passer right now, He’s pushing the ball not letting it loose – Looks stiff and uncomfortable, plus he’s playing a little fast
  • It’s evident watching the Jets offense the coaching staff does not believe it has a foundation runner, Greene not used in that capacity ; At his best Greene is a grinder and a sustainer
  • Jets pass game not very multi-dimensional in design, Did not give Sanchez a lot of help with route concepts v. Giants predominant man coverage
  • Sanchez not very good if his primary read is taken away, That’s always been one of his issues; Not a strong progression reader of coverage
  • A significant problem for Sanchez is his erratic accuracy, Misses too many throws that are there – Not the kind of QB that makes receivers better with precise ball location
  • Holmes has been a disappointment for the Jets, Has not shown the same short area explosion he had in the past – Has not shown the consistent ability to beat man coverage, which has been a surprise

    Santonio Holmes can't hold onto the ball while being tackled by Corey Webster (AP)

  • Phillips interception was a miscommunication between Sanchez and Kerley, Sanchez threw the seam and Kerley hooked it up
  • Jets had no intermediate or downfield passing game, Receivers did not win v. predominant man coverage and Sanchez is not a tight window thrower
  • Jets were 4-21 on 3rd down, That’s about as bad as it gets
  • Jets overall not a very good offense right now, An inconsistent run game and a very limited pass game

Coming up: Greg’s notes on the Jets defense vs. the Giants offense.

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