Cosell’s Watching: In 2nd Half, Patriots D Thrived by Not Thinking

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Patriots defense vs. the Dolphins offense. 

  • Jones was again the nickel slot corner for the Patriots, He’s filled that role over the last month
  • Hartline 39 yds on 3rd + 9 came on double move v. McCourty; Patriots “man free” behind a 5 man rush, They had S Ihedigbo matched on Bush
  • Patriots predominant 4-3 fronts, Ellis and Deaderick played significant snaps at DE

  • Long hurt and out for the game in the 1stquarter, Jerry replaced him at LT

    Brandon Marshall (AP)

  • Dolphins went after McCourty, as many teams have done in recent weeks: Hartline 39 yds in the 1st quarter, Marshall 47 yds in the 2nd quarter
  • Fletcher played both in the base 4-3 and in the nickel sub-package, He flashed with instincts and awareness; Excellent play recognition
  • Bush more decisive running inside, Hit the point of attack with conviction – A different runner now than he was earlier in the season
  • Marshall had success working out of the slot on seam routes: 19 yd TD and 26 yds on 2nd quarter TD drive
  • Best Patriots defender in the 1st half was LB Fletcher – White and Guyton did not play any defensive snaps in this game
  • Patriots more man coverage concepts in the 2ndhalf, Took away quickly defined throws for Moore – Ninkovich sack and forced fumble result of man coverage, Moore held the ball in the pocket

    Matt Moore fumbles after getting hit by Rob Ninkovich (AP)

  • Majority of Bush runs were inside, between the tackles; Bush ran downhill very well in this game
  • Patriots increased blitz frequency in the 2nd half, including a number of snaps of “cover zero blitz” – Mayo sack in the 4th quarter came on “cover zero blitz”
  • Moore average arm strength, Not much velocity on intermediate and deeper throws
  • Marshall 41 yds on Dolphins final TD drive came v. “cover zero blitz”, “Sluggo” v. McCourty
  • Patriots 2nd half defense totally different from 1st half defense: More man coverage, more blitz – A more challenging and aggressive approach that decreased thinking and focused on playing
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