Cosell’s Watching: Giants Showed No Fear of Revis Island

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Jets defense vs. the Giants offense.

  • Jets again featured 7 DB personnel with Trufant the 7th DB, The dime sub-package featured Wilson and Strickland
  • Both Revis and Cromartie matched up on Nicks in the Jets man coverage concepts, Nicks is the “x” in the Giants base personnel packages
  • Maybin utilized as a movable chess piece in the Jets sub-package fronts, Aligned in both 2 point and 3 point stances – Maybin needs space to be effective

  • Beckum played more snaps in this game than he had in any game this season, Function of both Ballard and Manningham being inactive

    Darrelle Revis tries to bring down Hakeem Nicks (AP)

  • Nicks 20 yds on 2nd quarter FG drive came one-on-one v. Revis
  • Cruz 29 yds on 3rd + 11 came from the slot v. Jets 2 shell zone concept. Jets rushed 3 and dropped 8 out of dime – Bad defense, Harris and Wilson jumped Nicks at 3 yds opening big void for Cruz in the middle
  • Giants went right after Revis, They did not stay away from him – They ran their offense
  • Cruz 99 yd TD on 3rd + 10 came against a “2 man” concept with Wilson in the slot on Cruz, Wilson played with inside leverage and gave Cruz the outside – An easy throw for Manning
  • Devito always flashes when I watch the Jets defense, A physical and relentless run defender
  • Jets featured overload blitz concepts, Clearly felt they could break down the Giants pass protection and speed up Manning
  • Giants did not play well offensively, They did not sustain offense, They had seven 3-and-outs
  • All 3 Cruz catches – for 164 yds – came from the slot, 2 versus man and 1 versus zone
  • Bradshaw 14 yd TD was great example of fire and steel that makes up Bradshaw, Combination of lateral explosion and power – He ran over S Pool

    Victor Cruz leaps for a pass against the Jets (AP)

  • Manning overthrew Cruz from the deep red zone on 3rd + 14 in the 4th quarter, Cruz wide open in the end zone again matched v. Wilson
  • Jets looked like they had coverage issues, Don’t know if they were busts but my sense was they did not play some coverages with proper technique and execution
  • What stood out again was lack of any consistent Jets pass rush, They must blitz to generate any pressure at all
  • Loss of Leonhard significant for the Jets, Concerns at safety with Smith and Pool
  • One thing that stands out re: Jets defense is their lack of overall speed and athleticism
  • Giants offense lacked consistency but they made a number of explosive plays which compensated for it

Later today: Greg’s notes from the Bills’ win over Tim Tebow & the Broncos

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