Cosell’s Watching: Buffalo Battered Tebow

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 16 coaching tape: the Broncos offense vs. the Bills defense.

  • Broncos continued to utilize flash play action concept v. single high safety coverage; Against the Bills they did it with Tebow under center, An expansion from last week when they did it out of shotgun
  • Rogers was the Bills nickel slot corner, Bills continued to play a lot of dime with Scott the hybrid S/LB
  • McGahee 24 yds on 2nd play came off read option, 3 WR personnel v. Bills nickel – 5 on 5 in the box, Tebow takes care of 6th box defender

  • Broncos opening TD drive featured 11 plays, 9 called runs + 2 called passes
  • Bills showed man coverage concepts on 3rd + long, Did not give Tebow a quick defined throw – At this point Tebow will not throw with anticipation and he will not make stick throws into small windows
  • Kelsay had an outstanding game for the Bills, Excellent job playing off blocks and making plays in the run game
  • Rosario 32 yds on 1st play of the 2nd half was a bust by the Broncos, It was man coverage and no one picked up Rosario off motion
  • Broncos struggled to run the ball, OL did not consistently win at the point of attack and Bills did an excellent job of getting an 8th defender in the run front
  • In 3rd + 5-10 yd situations you must defend designed Tebow runs from the shotgun, It’s a significant part of Broncos 3rd down package
  • Fells 17 yd TD was also a coverage breakdown by the Bills, Another man concept that was not executed properly
  • Bills predominant man coverage concepts; They did not assign a defender to Tebow, They were willing to let him run out of the pocket and then tackle him – Tebow took a lot of shots
  • C Walton had a poor game in his matchup with Dareus, Dareus was a force inside in the run game
  • Bills played more nickel in this game than they usually do, Sheppard and Barnett were the nickel LB
  • Tebow long way to go as a progression reader, At this point if his first read is not there he’s lost – Can only camouflage that limitation so long with great play design and play calling
  • Decker bad 4th quarter drop on 3rd + 6 in Bills territory with Broncos trailing by 12, High throw but ball had to be caught
  • Broncos unable to run with any efficiency or consistency, Tebow not at the point where he can compensate for the lack of a run game with consistent passing
  • Byrd interception return TD came out of 4×1 empty set, A designed shot play; Tebow threw seam route to Decker without any awareness of single high safety Byrd

Later today: Greg’s notes on the Bills offense vs. the Broncos defense.

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