Colts QB of the Future

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Peyton Manning, not Andrew Luck, should be the Colts quarterback of the future.  Any argument to the contrary is silly.  I refuse to believe one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time isn’t a safer bet to win a Super Bowl than a Stanford undergrad.

Manning is 141-67 as a starter, has thrown for 54,828 yards, 399 TDs, and won 9 playoff games.  Provided he makes a full recovery, at 35, he has plenty more mileage on his right arm.

Joseph Addai thinks he does.

Seeing what Brett Favre did at age 39, and judging by how Manning takes fewer hits than anyone in the NFL, can’t we assume he could play into his 40’s?

It fascinates me how quickly everyone is willing to cast him aside, as if he’s Donovan McNabb.  Haven’t we learned the value of Manning in 2011?  Would the Colts not have 10+ wins and another division title wrapped up, if he were healthy?

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Luck has a bright future.  I think he’ll be good.  But instead of rebuilding at quarterback, which is currently the Colts’ greatest strength, wouldn’t they be better suited to trade the top pick for a hefty ransom and rebuild the rest of the team around Manning?

There will be quarterbacks of the future in every draft class.  The Colts can wait.  Their future is the beast that wears number 18.

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