Cosell’s Watching: Too many Pats prove too much for “Multiple” Broncos

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 15 coaching tape: the Patriots Offense vs. the Broncos Defense.

  • First 3rd + long (3rd + 9) the Patriots went 3 WR personnel with Hernandez the only TE, Broncos played “man free” with S Carter; Hernandez 46 yds
  • Ochocinco 33 yd TD resulted from a coverage breakdown, Looked like concept was to double Welker with corner Harris and S Carter but Goodman jumped inside v. Ochocinco and was beaten easily over the top with no help due to Welker double
  • Cannon played significant snaps at RT in the 5 man OL, and he also played as the 6th OL in the 6 man OL

  • Broncos played in their sub-packages on the large majority of the snaps, Nickel LB Woodyard played more than 60 snaps

    Tom Brady looks to throw against the Broncos (AP)

  • Broncos played a lot of man coverage concepts, At times Woodyard jammed Gronkowski from conventional LOS TE position and had some success
  • Broncos also played “Tampa 2” concepts behind both 3 and 4 man rushes in long yardage situations, Showed Brady different looks
  • Hernandez ultimate “Joker” for the Patriots, He aligned all over the formation
  • Broncos got physical with Gronkowski, especially when he was aligned as a LOS TE
  • Brady a lot of quick throws, 3 and 5 step drops; Minimized impact of Miller and Dumervil and Broncos pass rush
  • Patriots very multiple with their formations, especially out of their 2 TE personnel package
  • Ridley a downhill sustainer with quicker feet and better lateral agility than Green-Ellis, Showed natural power to gain yards after contact – He’s not as experienced in critical situations and therefore is a spot player at this point
  • Patriots clearly went after rookie S Carterin the pass game, That’s why it was more of a Hernandez game than a Gronkowski game

    Aaron Hernandez celebrates after catching a TD pass (AP)

  • Broncos a lot of different man coverage looks with different players  for Gronkowski
  • A balanced offensive approach by the Patriots; More runs than we usually see, both out of tight formations and spread formations
  • Broncos busted the coverage on Gronkowski 38 yds on Patriots 4th quarter TD drive
  • This was a very efficient and methodical performance by the Patriots against a multiple Broncos defense
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