Cosell’s Watching: Alarming Performance by Packers Defense

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of Week 15 coaching tape: the Chiefs Offense vs. the Packers Defense.

  • First start for Orton as a Chief
  • DT Pickett and LB Bishop inactive for the Packers
  • Green and Wilson started at DE in the base 3-4 for the Packers

  • Orton outstanding throw on first 3rd and long (3rd + 8);SS Burnett unblocked on outside blitz, Orton looked down the gun barrel and made a great anticipation throw to Copper for 10 yds

    Kyle Orton passing the ball against the Packers (AP)

  • Packers defense had issues with assignments and discipline through the first couple of Chiefs possessions
  • Chiefs predominant base personnel offense so the Packers played more snaps of 3-4 than maybe any game this season
  • Orton remains a very efficient play action passer, Gets his head around quickly and locates the safeties
  • Pope 39 yds to start 3rd quarter FG drive was a well designed play v. “cover 3”; Orton faked “sluggo” to the right moving single high safety Burnett, No one ran with Pope vertical seam on the left
  • Packers did not generate any consistent pressure on Orton from their base 3-4 front, Inability to pressure QB from base front a concern for the Packers
  • Jones and Battle 2 totally different kinds of backs, Jones quicker and more elusive while Battle is a straight line downhill runner with limited lateral quickness
  • Both 3-4 DE Wilson and Green played more snaps in this game than in any game this season, Wynn also rotated at DE and played more than 30 snaps; A function of Chiefs predominant base personnel offense
  • Very little aggression and assertiveness to Packers, They were not soft but they did not challenge the Chiefs offense
  • Overall the Packers down 3 in the 3-4 did not play well, Raji at NT had a poor game – Green also played snaps at NT with Raji at DE
  • Pope 33 yds in the 4th quarter another beautifully designed play; “22” personnel, Straight “I” formation, “Counter” play action, Post/corner combination with Bowe and Pope v. “cover 2”; Corner Williams attacked run action so S Peprah was put in a conflict as the deep defender
  • Hawk was one of the only Packers defenders who flashed in this game, Showed excellent range in the run game
  • A very professional performance by Orton, Processed information well and was excellent in the play action pass game
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