Cosell’s Watching: Eagles Offense Outcoaches Jets Defense

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of the coaching tape of Week 15: the Jets defense vs. the Eagles offense.

  • Jets mixed and matched personnel v. Eagles 2 TE personnel, At times they played base and other times they went nickel
  • Jackson great route to beat Revis on the 3rd play but Vick broke down in the pocket and ran for 2 yds, A perfect example of Vick’s lack of pocket movement preventing a potential TD – Vick again leaving plays and yards on the field

  • Eagles aggressive and proactive attacking the Jets defense: Empty sets out of both base, and 3 and 4 WR personnel

    Brent Celek catches a TD in front of Antonio Cromartie (AP)

  • Celek 26 yd TD was an outstanding throw by Vick under major pressure; “21” personnel v. nickel, Celek great route to beat Cromartie
  • Jets did not exclusively match up on the outside, Revis played both Jackson and Maclin depending on personnel and formations
  • Eagles did an excellent job spreading out the Jets defense in the run game, They were able to get numbers in the box and let McCoy use his vision and lateral explosion
  • Eagles did an excellent job picking up the Jets 3rd level pressures, Eagles backs were clearly coached well during the week of preparation
  • What really stood out was the play of the Eagles OL, They did an outstanding job in pass protection
  • Eagles took an aggressive and proactive Jets defense and rendered them reactive and uncertain – Eagles offensive coaching staff dominated the Jets defensive coaching staff
  • In both man and zone coverage, Cromartie got worked by the Eagles
  • Key element in this game was no pressure on Vick, Jets pass rush was not a factor
  • Jets do not have an individual pass rusher, Must blitz to pressure the QB

Later this morning. . .Greg’s notes from

Detroit’s comeback win in Oakland

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