Cosell’s Watching: Eagles Defense Improving & Jets Pass Game Woes

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NFL Matchup’s Executive Producer shares notes from his study of the coaching tape of Week 15: the Jets offense vs. the Eagles defense.

  • Jets gashed the Eagles defense on 1st possession: Greene 12 yds v. nickel and 13 yds v. base
  • Eagles blitz + “man free” on 1st + 10 on Jets 1st possession: Matthews man-to-man on Tomlinson tackled him for 4 yd loss on screen – Eagles continued more aggressive approach from a week ago
  • Eagles continued to play more man coverage, Samuel flopped to the right slot on a number of plays

  • Babin 1st sack on Jets 2nd possession came on the Eagles 2ndsafety blitz of the game, Babin beat RT Hunter

    Santonio Holmes loses control of the ball as he's hit by Casery Matthews (AP)


  • Eagles again showed different front look with DT Jenkins and Patterson aligned at DE and DE Babin and Cole in 2 point stances inside; Last week they did this out of nickel, This week they did it out of dime
  • Eagles defense significantly changed last 2 weeks: More multiple with alignments, more blitz, more man coverage
  • Rodgers-Cromartie was the Eagles dime corner, He played on the outside; Asomugha again moved inside in the dime
  • Eagles game planned to utilize Coleman as a blitzer in the sub-packages
  • The turnovers and the score removed Greene as a factor in the game, He ran well early and could well have put up good numbers against an Eagles defense that remains vulnerable to the run
  • Hunt sack actually resulted from blown coverage, It was “man free” and Jordan did not pick up Tomlinson out of the back field; Jordan rushed instead and it was his pressure that led to the sack
  • Coleman struggles as a deep pass coverage defender, Not smooth change of direction and short area quickness an issue
  • Sanchez still lapses in decision making that a QB with his experience level should not make
  • Eagles did a lot of stunting with their DL and it was effective against the Jets OL
  • Eagles DL played very well v. the Jets running game, LB did an excellent job playing downhill and releasing the double teams at the point of attack

    Jason Babin (AP)

  • Sanchez not the kind of QB that can come from behind from larger deficits, Not a good enough passer or decision maker
  • 2 of Babin’s 3 sacks came from front look with DT Jenkins and Patterson aligned at DE and DE Babin and Cole in 2 point stances inside
  • Jets continue to have an issue at RT with Hunter, Not a good pass protector – Another reason the Jets must tightly manage their pass game
  • Chaney interception from great play by Rodgers-Cromartie, DRC read both Sanchez 3 step drop and Holmes quick slant and jumped the route
  • Cole again another outstanding performance, He has played at a high level the last 2 weeks

Later this morning: Greg’s observations of the

Jets defense vs. the Eagles offense.

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