Tournament of Touchdown Shots: Round 1, Game 3

Holiday Tournament Bracket, Round 1, TCIPF Staff

Barry Sanders took care of business in Round 1, Game 2, when his shifty dash against the Patriots defeated Antonio Cromartie’s 109-yard field goal return for a touchdown. Sanders received almost 90% of the votes.

Next up in the Holiday Tournament, is a matchup from the Lombardi Region for Game 3 – John Mackey’s catch-and-rumble versus the Lions, faces off with Old Man Willie Brown’s interception return in Super Bowl XI.

Enjoy and vote!

Mackey’s Rumble (8)

Old Man Willie (8)

Voting has ended

**Old Man Willie (1) = 64.29%**

Mackey’s Rumble (8) = 35.71%

Click here to see the full bracket and find out more about the HTTS!

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