Tebow or Lord Hoodie: Who do YOU believe in?

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No one should appreciate and respect Tim Tebow’s game more than Lord Hoodie.

Bill Belichick has been around football a long time and has enjoyed, first-hand, some miraculous Super Bowl stories.  More than once, he’s seen how combining a solid running game, a fundamentally sound defense, and a clutch quarterback can lead to a championship.  The Broncos have as good a combination of those three things as any team in the NFL.

Denver’s running game is powerful.  It is diverse.  It is dynamic.  It wears down even the most well-conditioned opponent, especially in the thin Mile High air.

Bill Belichick a.k.a. Lord Hoodie (AP)

The Broncos defense is coached by a man who preaches fundamentals.  John Fox’s unit plays with leverage, tackles well, and rarely busts an assignment.  They always did in Carolina and they continue to in Denver.

I’m sure the Patriots’ players think they’ll win this week.  I’m sure their fans do too.  But Tebow is a totally different beast than New England has faced this season.  Say what you want about his religious approach, but his results have been incredible.  Tebow has been the most-clutch quarterback in the league in 2011.  Eli Manning’s a close second, but nearly every week Tebow has persevered at the end of close games.

Tim Tebow (AP)

As the opponent gasps for oxygen, Tebow gains strength.  His size/speed ratio and physical stamina is, as Brian Urlacher would put it, like that of a great running back.  His mental stamina is like that of a great chess player.  And his level of calm, in even the most hectic of circumstances is, well, like that of Tom Brady.

I wasn’t a believer at first, but after hearing Tebow mic’d up in last week’s game, I believe.

Seeing him during the Broncos’ comeback win over the Bears, I was impressed and captivated.  One reason?  His performance revealed that no moment will ever be too big for him.  He is as confident and calm as a quarterback has ever been.   And as he continues to get more snaps, he will only get better as a player, making the Broncos only more difficult to beat.  That’s why I’m going so far as to pick Denver to win the AFC title.

As for the outcome of the Broncos game this week, there’ll be no guarantees out of me.  I learned my lesson last week, so for now I’ll just take a page out of Timmy’s playbook:

I BELIEVE Denver will win.

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